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Full-Time In-Person Assistor/Navigator - Jamaica

Reports to: Program Manager

161-10 Jamaica Avenue
New York, 11432
United States


  • Enroll 15 mandatory applications per week, including small businesses
  • Provide in person health insurance enrollment services to potential enrollees
  • Educate potential enrollees about the New York Health Benefit Exchange (NYHBE) and the types of health insurance programs offered through the NYHBE. Inform potential enrollees about tools available through the NYHBE online web portal to select a health plan such as: filters to narrow plan choice, quality ratings for health plans, provider networks
  • Provide education on, and facilitate enrollment into Qualified Health Plans (QHPs), supplementary plans available through the Exchange (if offered) and/or into Insurance Affordability Programs (IAPs)
  • Assist applicants to gather documents and complete applications and renewals
  • Assist potential enrollees with grievances, complaints or questions regarding their health coverage or a determination related to their coverage
  • Provide information in a fair and impartial manner which is culturally and linguistically appropriate, and disability accessible, for the populations being served under the Exchange, including individuals with limited English proficiency
  • Must be able to provide assistance to potential enrollees in the Individual Exchange and the SHOP Exchange. IPA/Navigators may not opt to only serve individuals in the Individual Exchange or to only serve small businesses and their employees in the SHOP Exchange
  • Must have sufficient infrastructure to facilitate online submission of enrollment applications including: computers and internet access to facilitate online enrollment; scanners to assist potential enrollees scan and upload copies of documents to the Exchange online web portal; and printers. Except in rare instances, all enrollment applications assisted through the IPA/Navigator Program will be electronically submitted through the NYHBE portal
  • Maintain expertise in eligibility, enrollment and program specifications and conduct public education activities to raise awareness about the Exchange
  • Provide information and services in a fair, accurate and impartial manner. Such information must acknowledge other health programs
  • Facilitate selection of a QHP in the NYHBE or, when appropriate, a public insurance plan
  • Educate potential enrollees about different forms of out of pocket expenses including premiums, copays, deductibles & cost of sharing
  • Educate eligible enrollees about managed care and how to access benefits in a managed care environment. This includes the distribution of Department of Health (DOH) approved materials describing the opportunities for financial assistance through IAPs and the direct purchase of QHPs
  • Counsel small businesses & small business employees on the plans available to them through the SHOP exchange. Will also inform small businesses about the small business tax credit
  • Conduct outreach activities within an underserved population
  • Work during non-traditional hours such as early mornings, evenings and weekends. Need to know the patterns in the community to determine the best hours of operation. For example, in some communities, early morning hours may be better than evening hours
  • Distribute information on the availability of the navigator services
  • Provides written and verbal feedback to the supervisor on efforts & outcomes
  • Track incomplete applications & follow up
  • Distribute additional materials as instructed by DOH
  • Must be available to work at all Navigator sites of the Charles B. Wang Community Health Center
  • Maintain confidentiality
  • Work collaboratively with all layers of the organization
  • Manage multiple tasks and negotiate competing demands
  • Other duties as assigned

Minimum Qualifications:

  • High school diploma required.  Associates degree preferred.
  • Minimum two-years of relevant experience. Experience in conducting outreach and workshops preferred.
  • Fluent in English and bilingual in the following: Spanish or Creole
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Strong computer skills. Demonstrated proficiency in various Internet Browsers (Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, etc.), Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook
  • Familiarity with Queens community
  • Time management skills and capacity to manage multiple tasks
  • Strong ability to work collaboratively
  • Excellent interpersonal skills with the ability to work in a diverse community
  • Sensitivity in working with an underserved population
  • High level of maturity and demonstrated ability to maintain confidentiality

If you have any questions or need assistance completing the application process, please contact the HR Department at

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